Pain Relief Can Change Your Life Once and Forever

Pain Relief Can Change Your Life Once and Forever

Constant pain influences our lives in the worst way. And we are going to unveil several variants of how to combat it. Remedial is ready to help you and your body. Living with chronic pain can be debilitating and negatively impact your quality of life. In this article, we'll explore joint pain, DIY remedies, and how hemp-based products like Remedial Instant Hemp Cream can offer quick relief, potentially changing your life for the better.

The Nature of Joint Pain

Joint pain can stem from various causes, including arthritis, injury, or inflammation. It can affect your mobility and make everyday tasks challenging. If you understand the nature of your pain, then it will be the easiest way to find the right treatment. Consult with a healthcare professional for a proper diagnosis and recommendations.


Despite the various manifestations, some symptoms of arthritis always manifest themselves. Regardless of what caused the disease, the patient observes at home:

  • swelling and swelling near the affected joint,
  • redness of the skin and an increase in its temperature,
  • restriction of movements in the joint, accompanied by crunching and pain.


Injuries like sprains or fractures can cause acute or chronic pain. Some of them can heal within a shorter or longer time, but some of them can stay with you during your entire life. 


Inflammation is a reaction to an injury, it may go away in some time, but in some cases it may be chronic, and, as a result, it will cause discomfort and pain. This can be after fallings, bruises, and cuts. 

DIY Remedies | Skincare | Remedial Blog

DIY Remedies

Some simple at-home remedies can help alleviate joint pain:

  • Heat and cold therapy: Alternating between heat and cold packs can help reduce inflammation and ease pain. Heat improves blood flow, while cold numbs the affected area, providing relief. Use a heating pad or warm towel for heat therapy and ice packs or frozen vegetables for cold therapy.
  • Simple exercises: Try swimming, yoga, walking, even simple meditation will help you relieve pain, become healthier, and even stronger. Also, you’ll improve muscles, flexibility. Moreover it boosts endorphins production. Remember to do it slowly, and better consult a physician to know what activity will fit you. 
  • Massage: Massaging the affected area can promote relaxation, improve blood flow, and reduce pain. 
  • Topical pain relief: Another way to reduce pain is using gels and creams that have soothing ingredients like hemp, menthol, etc. Remedial Hemp Cream is another option for topical pain relief.

Hemp: Quick Help

There is a lot of evidence that CBD can help with chronic pain. It has a positive effect on improving sleep and improving overall health.6 Gives an opportunity to those who have suffered from the disease to live actively again.

Remedial Instant Hemp Cream

Remedial Instant Hemp Cream is a carefully maintained formula to fight pain. Its natural composition includes hemp seed oil, arnica, aloe vera, menthol, and hyaluronic acid. So you’ll get pain relief and skin improvement. Remember, our skin is damaged as well, because different harmful processes go right after injuries. That’s why our tissue requires support too.  

This cream has a soothing effect. Also it dries instantly, so no worries about your clothes. In addition, you’ll get a cooling effect, as it has menthol. This component can help numb pain, and arnica will provide anti-inflammatory properties.  

Lifestyle Changes for Pain Management

In addition to using hemp-based products like Remedial Instant Hemp Cream, consider making some lifestyle changes to further reduce joint pain and inflammation:

  • Maintain a healthy weight: Excess weight can put additional strain on your joints, especially your knees, hips, and spine. Losing weight can help relieve pressure on your joints and reduce pain.
  • Eat a balanced diet: Eat more fruits and vegetables to stay rich in antioxidants, remember to drink enough water, it also will help your joints to rejuvenate. 
  • Practice good posture: Maintaining proper alignment when standing, sitting, and moving can help prevent joint strain and pain.
  • Manage stress: Chronic stress can worsen pain and inflammation. Incorporate stress-reduction techniques like meditation, deep breathing exercises, or mindfulness practices into your daily routine.

Your health is in your hands. The Remedial team is always ready to help. Stay updated with us, and check our blog for useful tips about how to maintain customized skincare and stay young and fresh.

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