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Gently exfoliates & restore radiance
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Glycolic Acid Pads


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I wasn’t to sure about these pads because of how cheap they are but I decided it couldn’t hurt to try them and I am honestly very surprised with how great these are. I saw an immediate difference. I use these before I put my makeup on and it makes my application much smoother and even less cakey looking. I have always struggled with my pores they are very visible and this really really helped my skin. I recommend these for before makeup.

Sarah Roberts
Mr Clean

Good cleaning product but over priced

Amazon Customer
Well it works

I don't even remember what I was reading on Google when I came across this recommendation for underarm odor. I shower and wash, and drying off I still smell odors from my arm pits... I just purchased these, and here I am 65 yrs old.. Well they are amazing, no odor at all!!!!! I feel like a really clean person now...and there seems to be other skin worthy uses for this product as well!

Forget Lysol wipes.

I will admit even before pandemic I was a Lysol Wipes junkie... Now that regular clean freaks cannot get them I tried this product. I absolutely love it. This product cleans and DISENFECTS EVERYTHING.. I love it. I can get it anytime and it calms my cleaning mania moments. Feel safe using this product. Please remember when you buy first bottle with spray nozzle YOU MUST KEEP NOZEL. OTHER BOTTLES UNLESS STATED ARE REFILLS WITH NO SPRAY NOZZEL.

Kristle E.
Love these! Great price for the amount of pads you get.

I have tried other brands and these are just as great if not better. No chemical smell and don't dry out my skin which is already dry. I use them after working out. I do have sensitive skin and they do not effect me whatsoever. Other brands I use will make me red or even burn in certain places and these do not do that.