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Alleviates pain
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Damian Gaffney
Yes, sir!!

Aches subsided, but not, gone away!?....will save and use for many other days!!!

Alucard R. Z.
New to Topical Hemp Products

I'll be honest, I wasn't quite sure how the cream would work. I've only ever used edible hemp products in the past and the idea of a topical cream solution for pain kind of had me curious, if not just skeptical.Getting the product on the first day, I was slightly annoyed with taking the seal off of the top of the jar (under the lid). I think it's more of a sensory thing as the stretchiness of the adhesive substance kind of irked me.Once I got past that, I went straight to trying out the cream. It has a pleasant, Vicks-like smell that kind of subliminally makes me think of days spent resting up and getting better from being sick. The cream was very smooth and applies easily.I used the cream on my shoulders as that's where most of my reachable pain is located (fibromyalgia and general tenseness from having to travel by foot with an anxiety disorder). I was pleasantly surprised with the initial experience. It had a cooling, soothing effect that I really appreciated.I'd honestly forgotten I'd even had any cream on my shoulders as I didn't have to keep stretching and repositioning myself to get more comfortable like usual. I was able to just enjoy the game I was playing without distraction for the first time in a while.Also, washing the cream off of your hands when you're done applying it is very easy. It comes off just fine in cool water with no noticeable residue left behind.Overall, I really like this product. I'll definitely be getting it again in the future. It was pretty cheap for how long this seems like it will last. Give it a try if you have spare funds and are looking for something new for pain.

Thanks for your honest review.

It works for me!!!

I suffer from migraine

Thanks for your honest review.

Good pain relief

I like the pain relief it provides me. I have plantar fasciitis in both feet so especially after working out my feet are at its worst. It cane in the mail right when I came home from the gym so I used it right after I got out of the shower and within a few minutes so felt relief. I only wish it came a bit bigger for the price because it’s very small but I think a little will also go a long way. However I bought this to share with my boyfriend so I’m not sure how long it will last but definitely a great product!!

Thanks for your honest review.

Misty Flota
Great for aches and pains

Bought for my husband and he really enjoyed it as it’s helping him immensely with pain on his wrist and hands. He works at a place where involved lots of heavy lifting and sometimes it gets too much for him and he comes home barely being able to lift his daughters. This has helped him have better work days as the pain is going down. He combines using these and taking the hemp gummy and they have made such a difference. This cream has a nice cooling sensation as it has like a menthol smell.

Thanks for your honest review.