Types of skin and proper skincare

Types of skin and proper skincare
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Beauty is to feel comfortable in your own skin

There are many arguments about what beauty is. Some people say that beauty is visible and touchable; others say beauty is our inner world. We are sure beauty is the way you feel. Beauty is one of the key concepts in the philosophy of being. As soon as a person vaguely realizes his existence, he strives for beauty and creates it around him. A person can only seem beautiful to another person. The definition of "beauty" is solely a side effect of evolution. Therefore, it differs in many ways, just as people differ.

Different nationalities have different standards of beauty. For example, in the Western world, a long neck is believed to be more beautiful than a short one. The women of the Padaung people think so, too. They build up giraffe necks with rings and find them very attractive.


There is a common sign of beauty - clean skin; it’s about beauty and health. Let’s see how the skin can be improved.


Define your skin type

Flawless skin is a lifelong goal; we must have a proper daily skincare routine, diet, and lifestyle to ensure skin condition. You need to know your skin type to build a good skincare routine and use the correct skin beauty tips.

How to determine the type of skin

  • You have dry skin if there are no sebum traces on the tissue.
  • You have normal skin if there are faint traces all over a tissue.
  • If traces are visible, you have oily skin.
  • If there are pronounced traces only in the area of the forehead, nose, and chin, you have a combination of skin.

How do you get flawless skin? Skin beauty is a complex process that requires accuracy and constancy. Follow the next steps:

  • Cleaning. It would help to have a cleanser, tonic , and facial scrub that suits your skin type. Clean your skin every day. You won't feel the difference if you clean it once a week. Use a scrub that will remove dead skin no more than once every few days to avoid excessive skin exfoliation.
  • Hydration. Cosmetics that include glycerin, hyaluronic acid , urea, essential oils, and plant extracts are ideal.
  • P to maintain a normal level of skin hydration protection. Buy a sunscreen with a degree of protection of 15+. Try an odorless or oil-free face sunscreen. It will help block dangerous UV rays that can lead to skin damage or cancer.

Remember, your beauty is inside; first, if you feel beautiful, you can transfer it outside with help.

Types of skin

There are different classifications of skin. The skin is the largest organ of the human body, the health of which is visible to the naked eye. Therefore, taking care of her at any age is so important.


The most important step in skin care is understanding its needs and characteristics. To begin to understand your skin better, you should determine its type.

Main five types

  • Dry skin is characterized by a small secretion of sebum and a clear feeling of discomfort in the absence of care cosmetics.
  • Oily, on the contrary, abundant sebum secretion is characteristic, expressed in an active shine on the entire face surface.
  • Combined plots of various types.
  • Normal skin has no obvious shiny or dry areas, characterized by moderate sebum secretion.
  • Sensitive skin is prone to increased irritability and unpredictable reactions in response to everyday external and internal agents.

    Extended classification of skin

    Another classification has six types of skin. To the four above, we need to add two more:

    • Sensitive skin is prone to increased irritability and unpredictable reactions in response to everyday external and internal agents.
    • Aging skin is the skin that has the first signs of aging — increased dryness, decreased firmness and elasticity, the appearance of facial and deep wrinkles, age spots, visible capillaries, and bags under the eyes. Everything is very individual, but it happens around the age of 35-40

    One more thing, we need to understand what type we have. The first way is described above - with the help of tissues. The second way is visual.

    • If there are no visible flaws on the face, the color is healthy and uniform, the relief is smooth (without roughness), the skin is matte, there is no greasy shine, and you have a normal skin type.
    • If the skin of the face is thin, pores are almost invisible on it, and rashes rarely appear, then you have a dry type predisposed to hypersensitivity. This type's main characteristics are dryness, discomfort, tightness, and peeling. Also, the dry type is most prone to premature aging and the appearance of fine wrinkles and lines of dehydration.
    • You have an oily skin type if there is excessive greasy shine and rashes on the face (acne, post-acne). This type is characterized by uneven relief, texture, and earthy shade of the face. If the listed skin condition is characteristic of the T-zone (chin, forehead, nose), and the cheeks remain matte without rashes, then you have a combined type.
    • Knowing your skin, you can easily define the best skin care products. Save time, buy and try Remedial products ; they fit all skin types and have retinol collagen, oils, and protection elements. There is a good chance to have flawless skin now.

    Best skin care

    Best skin care means the best skin care products. Here another question comes: how to choose skin care? Let’s learn some tips.

    Pimples, uncomfortable sensations or wrinkles are a condition in which your skin is located. The skin happens:

    • with hyperkeratosis — when the stratum corneum of the epidermis thickens and it becomes rough and rough
    • with acne — when inflammation, black dots often appear
    • with age—related changes - when it loses tone and elasticity, wrinkles and creases appear
    • with pigmentation — when the melanin pigment accumulates in the upper layer and freckles, age-related pigment spots, post-acne marks and so on appear

    It is better to use professional cosmetics. The formulas of these products are designed to solve problems, and the concentration of active ingredients is higher than in conventional products. Therefore, the effect on the skin will be more intense, and the result will be more noticeable. The cosmetologist will help you find out why the problem has arisen and will advise the right skin care products for you.

    Supplements: yes or no?

    We need to understand our skin needs and choose correct skin supplements. Let’s check teh best best supplements for the skin.

    • Retinol conditionally can be called - "vitamin for face". It is widely used in anti-aging agents. Production of retinol horosho recommended itself in the treatment of acne
    • Vitamin v1 (thiamine) Nekhodym for normal functioning of the nervous system of the human person, kotoraya with a narrow cheek, folded with solid skin. Stress disorder vyzyvaet pokrasneniya or vyzыpaniya
    • Vitamin B2 (riboflavin) It is involved in the processes of growth and renewal of tissues in the body. With its shortage:
        • cracks appear on the lips, and so-called "jams" form in their corners;
        • the skin becomes dull;
        • there is peeling around the lips and on the wings of the nose;
        • dandruff appears.

    Vitamin B5 (panthenol)

    • stimulates regeneration processes;
    • reduces inflammation;
    • relieves dryness;
    • helps to remove puffiness.

    Understand your skin.

    Knowledge is a power, the more you know about your skin the more you can give your skin.

    The best vitamins for skin problems:

    • Acne, oily skin — A, groups B, C, E
    • Dry skin — A, groups B, C, E, D, F, N, PP
    • Rosacea (vascular mesh on the face) — C, K, R
    • Skin aging — A, groups B, C, D, E, F, K, N, P, PP

    Products by Remedial contain all the necessary elements for your skin, they have detailed composition and you can be sure of their safety and effectiveness. Buy Remedial face cream and improve your skin.

    crems remedial pax

    Sleep, drink water and take care of your skin

    We tend to underestimate water level and healthy lifestyle in the modern world. People are always in a rush, sometimes we don't even have time to have a proper meal. Obviously, it impacts our health and then all our inner problems are shown on the skin. What to do? There are several easy rules to stay healthy and fresh.

    Water: vital source to your skin

    The skin is the same human organ as the heart, brain, stomach, etc. And, like any other organ, the skin needs water: so that the circulatory system works stably, so that cells grow and divide properly, so that toxins are excreted, etc.

    In addition, the lower layer of the skin – the dermis – contains intercellular fluid, the basis of which is, of course, water. And the collagen fibers located there also cannot be without water. So, water plays the main role to skin if you want to improve the dehydrated skin and make your skin shine again.

    Retinol, collagen, peptids products

    Collagen is a protein that is initially present in the structure of the skin. It keeps the skin in an elastic state, prevents dryness and protects against negative environmental factors.

    Hyaluronic acid is also an organic element that is synthesized in our skin. Hyaluronic acid saturates the epidermis with moisture, binds water molecules and prevents their evaporation from the deeper layers of the skin.

    Peptides are special compounds of amino acids. Under the influence of peptides, cells begin to recover intensively, the skin acquires firmness and elasticity, and wrinkles and facial folds decrease. Since peptides have a rejuvenating effect from the inside, the effect of peptide cosmetics accumulates and persists for a long time.

    Remedial collagen and retinol serum cream will help you to renovate your skin, they will moisture and protect skin from an aggressive environment and the sun rays. The ​​moisturizers with spf have a great benefit: they are usable all year round. Remember, if you want to use a product with retinol you need to use it with SPF. Choose the best cream with Remedial right now and buy the most effective retinol and collagen products.

    Vitaminized Dark Spot Corrector Sale for Face, Skin, Body, and Legs Vitaminized Dark Spot Corrector Sale for Face, Skin, Body, and Legs
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