Special care for each part of a face

Special care for each part of a face

Divide your care

We have different zones with different problems on our skin. That’s why it’s important to have proper care for each of them. Let’s see how we should find the best care and what care will suit a particular part of our face.

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      Skin type

      Depending on the activity of the sebaceous glands, experts distinguish 4 main types of skin: normal, dry, combined, sensitive and oily. The type of skin is determined genetically, that is, it is inherited, such as the shape of the nose, the color or the cut of the eyes. Let’s define your skintype.

      • Oily skin with a pronounced relief of enlarged pores, it is prone to the appearance of greasy shine, comedones (black dots) and inflammatory elements (pimples)
      • Dry skin is thin, there are practically no pores on it, comedones and inflammation appear extremely rarely
      • Normal skin is characterized by moderate activity of the sebaceous glands, which secrete the optimal amount of sebum to soften and protect it, without excess. Normal skin type can most often be observed in children. In adulthood, it rarely persists, becoming, as a rule, prone to dryness or greasiness
      • Combined skin type combines areas of both oily and dry skin types
      • Sensitive skin reacts sharply to a variety of influences. And this reaction is usually indicated by signs such as: redness; burning sensation; itching; feeling of tightness; tingling; peeling of the skin

      Rules of skincare according to the type

      According to our skintype we need to find a proper cleaning and care for it in order not to cause skin irritation and acne. The type of skin is determined by genetics, but its condition can change under the influence of various factors — hormonal background, climate, colds and chronic diseases, incorrectly selected cosmetics. Remember, that our skin requires attention, we need to look after it twice a day.

      Morning care

      Some believe that you can neglect the procedure of cleansing the skin in the morning. After all, there is no makeup on the face, dirt, which means it's enough just to rinse the face with water. But this is a big mistake that can harm the health of the dermis.

      For dry and sensitive skin, choose creams with nourishing, soothing components (vegetable oils, bisabolol), for normal – with moisturizing and refreshing (allantoin, aloe vera extract), for oily and combined – with absorbent and seboregulating ingredients (kaolin, plant extracts, etc.

      As for textures, when preparing for makeup, it is best to use products with light textures – gels, emulsions, fluids. Experts also do not exclude that instead of a day cream, you can use fashionable two-in-one foundation with a care function.

      To sum up, there are 3 main procedures: cleansing, toning, moisturizing. Having them you’ll get a clean, fresh and hydrated skin.


      Evening care

      In the evening, you can stretch the ritual of cleansing the skin, pamper it with fragrant masks and nourishing creams.

      Thoroughly clean the skin

      In the evening, you need to approach the skin cleansing procedure with special care, because sebum released during the day, mixing with cosmetics, dust and other contaminants, creates a favorable environment for the development of bacteria that can cause acne, allergic reactions.

      In the evening, it is better to clean the skin in 2 stages: first remove makeup, for example, with makeup remover or micellar water, and then complete the procedure with a wash with a suitable cleanser," Gulnara Akhmetova recommends.


      After you take off your makeup, you can also perform a ritual of deep cleansing of the skin with the help of peels or masks. It is best to do this in the evening.

      Moisturize and nourish the skin

      At night, you can use creams, serums, indelible masks with a more nutritious and dense texture, they contain groups of vitamins, plant extracts that actively moisturize, restore skin strength and rejuvenate. Night remedies may also contain components that can only be used in the evening.

      Having the skin toning will guarantee its glow and hydration.


      Season care

      Depending on the skin type and the season care, the care should be slightly different, since the skin is influenced by external factors, which means that it needs different protection and different nutrients.


      In autumn, when the temperature is low, the production of lipids in the skin decreases, which protect the epidermis from moisture loss. This coincides with a deficiency of vitamins and trace elements in the daily diet, which has fewer seasonal fruits and vegetables. Fluctuations in atmospheric pressure and temperature, weather changes also negatively affect the condition of the skin.

      During this period, seasonal skin care should be based primarily on hydration, which will help restore the hydrolipidic layer, which is a protective barrier for the skin. This is an ideal time for strong exfoliating procedures in beauty salons and procedures aimed at strengthening blood vessels.


      In winter, it is worth using preparations containing hyaluronic acid. This allows you to get the appropriate level of hydration of the skin, not allowing it to dry out and irritate.

      Lipid deficiency can also lead to a dry skin problem. Lipids help to maintain the natural moisturizing factor at the proper level. To do this, you should enrich your diet with vegetable oils and avocados, as well as use cosmetics with rich formulas.


      Staying indoors, as well as an unbalanced diet, lack of exercise and sunlight negatively affect the condition of the skin after winter. Usually at this time it is pale, dull and hypoxic. Seasonal skin care, adapted to its increased spring needs, seems to have a positive effect on appearance.

      In the spring, to make the complexion better, it is worth regularly exfoliating the epidermis in order to remove the layer of accumulated dead cells. The nutrients contained in the creams will be easier to penetrate into the skin, making the care much more effective.


      The sun radiation promotes faster aging of the skin. People who sunbathe without protecting their skin with sunscreen can boast of a strong tan and damaged, aged skin covered with pigment spots. The sun rays affect the skin due to irreversible damage to collagen fibers.

      Seasonal skin care in summer should focus primarily on anti-wrinkle cream and adequate hydration. Cleansing is also very important, but in summer it should not be too intense. The makeup remover used should be gentle. Their composition should not include alcohol.

      Mistakes while skincare

      1. Do not wash off makeup before going to bed

      At night, there is an active renewal and regeneration of the skin, a layer of cosmetics prevents this. As a result - inflammation, peeling, clogged pores.

      1. The cream with SPF is not applied repeatedly

      In some cases (excessive sweating, spending a long time outdoors, etc.), you need to apply the SPF agent again.

      1. Lack of hydration of oily skin

      It is believed that oily skin does not need to be moisturized. However, the appearance of shine is often a consequence of dehydration

      1. Wrong diet. It can lead to the luck of important elements in the organism and cause wrinkles, loose skin and acne. Be sure you have all the necessary food in your diet
      1. Non-use of peeling. It provides pore clogging and generates acne, rash and irritation

      How to solve it?

      To get a flashing and clean skin you need to change your habits and daily routine. Implement new skincare products, drink enough water, quite bad habits like smoking, alcohol and fast food. Don’t be afraid of cosmetic silicone, thanks to silicones, the products "fit" better on the skin, are evenly distributed, forming a coating that fills in the irregularities of the skin relief, including wrinkles and enlarged pores.

      Remember, regardless of your skin type and age, observe the four main stages: cleansing, toning, moisturizing, sun protection. This is the basis of basic care.

      Care for each part of your face

      As it was said in the beginning, we need to look after each part of our face and skin in general. And then your skin will say "thank you" and will delight with its condition for a long time!


      Make up and lifestyle

      Now people have so fast life tempo, this is the reason why we don’t have enough time for a proper meal, daily skincare and sport. We are always in a rush, in this case our skin is the first organ that suffers. All the inner problems are shown on the skin. Let’s go step by step.

      Make up has a significant influence on the skin, if not to remove it, there is a chance to get acne, wrinkles and black spots. Speaking about nose skin, black spots are the most common problems. To clean the pores on the nose, you can buy special peels for home use. It is good to pre-steam the skin of the face in the shower. Then the active ingredients will get right into the pore and help to dissolve the fat and dirt that got into it sooner.

      There are many professional products for it, one of them, which is tested and has a balanced formula is Remedial dark spots corrector. It has a moisturizer serum and peeling lotion that will heal, clean and hydrate your skin. Buy it now to see the results.

      One more area is the forehead. The most common problem there is wrinkles. The causes of wrinkles on the forehead include:

      • stress
      • improper skin care
      • facial expressions
      • bad habits
      • insufficient hydration
      • dry skin
      • genetic predisposition

      These are formulas that increase the synthesis of collagen and elastin. The primacy is held by creams and serums based on: peptides and sugars; components with a botulinum-like effect; vitamin C; retinol. Remedial face cream contains retinol, collagen, necessary oils that bring an anti-aging effect, which helps to remove wrinkles and lift the skin.

      When it comes to cheks, exfoliation is necessary for any type of skin, first of all — with a tendency to clog pores and inflammation. Use delicate scrubs or acid-based products to remove keratinized cells from the surface of the epidermis. This will help regulate sebum secretion and prevent the appearance of acne.

      As it’s said oily areas, dry areas and skin irritation need separate care.

      Right products

      Choosing correct beauty products is always a challenge, you never know if the product is really effective or it’s just marketing. It’s a key step to read the composition while choosing a care tool. For example, Remedial black spot corrector contains ascorbic acid and sodium hyaluronate that will hydrate and lift the skin with healing effect. Remedial glycolic acid pads contain green tea and eucalyptus that will reduce irritation and redness. And the most complex tool is Remedial face cream. It contains retinol, collagen, hyaluronic acid that will provide you full complex of care. Buy Remedial beauty products to heal and care of your skin.

      Collagen Cream for Face Collagen Cream for Face
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      Collagen Cream for Face
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