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All-in-One solution for mens skin care
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All-In-One Men's Cream


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Kindle Customer-STL
smooth lotion

My main downfall on this is that it's made in China, but the plus sides are that the container is great with just enough lotion coming out at once. It's a smooth lotion that even I (female) used it on my face with no breakouts.

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Better than Expected

I was pleasantly surprised at this moisturizer. I got it for my boyfriend to use after shaving because he has razor bumps no matter what razor he uses. This one actually helped keep the razor burn at bay, and had a better scent than I was expecting. Overall, I'm very pleasantly surprised!

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Mark E McGraw
great price with great results

i statred using this when i got tired of spending $400 ish on face creams from doctors, medspas, ceuticals. i read about this Cera Ve in a magazine and thought, what the heck. it's great stuff, very moisturizing. after a month i noticed my skin smoother, lines less. i use it every morning, and make sure to cover it with another tinted face cream. can't go wrong with the price.

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Wrinkle reduction

This moisturizer came in a round container and included small bottle of reviving face serum which was recommended to use before applying the moisturizer. This bottle is very small so I do not believe it will as long as the moisturizer itself and may just be a one-time use.Initially it appeared that this product would be the type you pull from the container with your fingers but that was not the case. This container and internal lid acted as a pump that you pushed down on to get the product to come up and out. This was awkward and a mess at first because the air needs to come out of the system before the product comes out. Once the product started to come out it worked fine.My husband used this product over the course of 5 days, prior to review, to see if he would get any results. He applied it to his forehead, crow’s feet next to the eyes, under the eyes and on the bottom crease of both cheeks that go from the left and right nostril to the lips. Within 3 days we noticed the wrinkles on the forehead, next to the eyes and on the lower cheeks were starting to diminish. He also stated that when he rubbed his forehead previously, he could feel the wrinkles but now he doesn’t. They are still there, but not as prominent as they once were. Under the eyes he did not experience any results, so he stopped using it there.The moisturizer itself was smooth to the touch, odorless, absorbed quickly into the skin and did not leave an oily feeling after applying. He had no adverse effects like redness, irritation or swelling while using the product.Overall, my husband is happy with this product and will continue to use it but was disappointed it did not help with the puffiness under his eyes.

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Great oil-free moisturizing cream for men.

The cream is really soothing and leaves your face feeling moisturized, hydrated and refreshed. It is quickly absorbed after 1 or 2 minutes of rubbing it on your face with no problem and no oily residue as the result. It is also unscented which makes it better suited for me. Washing it is very easy as well since it is oil-free, and you just need to wash your face with water.The cream has Aloe Vera which is great. The pump that this comes with is pretty nice and unique. It is a better way of keeping the cream sanitary over the course of using it than the normal tube-shaped creams.Overall, the quality of this cream is excellent, and I would totally recommend it.

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