10 Tips on How to Look and Feel 10 Years Younger

10 Tips on How to Look and Feel 10 Years Younger

Is there a secret to staying young? If the answer is yes, then what is it? Looking at the ever-youthful celebrities who spend thousands upon thousands of dollars to look decades younger than they are, we can confidently say having money helps. But luckily, that’s not all there is to it.

You’d be amazed how small tweaks and changes to your lifestyle can impact your health and looks! Here, we compiled 10 tips on how to look younger that anyone, including you, can easily incorporate into their routine and slow down signs of aging .

Beware the Sun Exposure

Never underestimate the importance of sun protection ! Parts of your skin are always exposed to sunlight: your hands, neck, and face. It’s no coincidence those are the parts of our body where we first start showing age. UV radiation isn’t kind, and while spending time outside is wonderful, you don’t need to be under direct sunlight to get your vitamin D.

Here’s a little anti-aging tip: always wear a hat. The sun shines on you from above; your head and face would be the first to fall victim to sun damage.

According to the World Health Organization (WHO), Sun protection is best achieved by seeking shade and wearing clothes rather than applying sunscreens. Sunscreens should not be used for extending time spent in the sun.” [1] So remember! While you still should apply and reapply sunscreen religiously every time you go outside, seeking shade is your best option to make your skin look younger and prevent the early appearance of wrinkles and age spots.


Use Moisturizer Twice a Day

Dry, crepey, sagging skin will add years to your face, so keeping your skin properly hydrated is crucial to look youthful longer. How often you moisturize will depend on your skin type, but twice daily is usually considered a good enough amount for everyone to maintain healthy, youthful skin .

Be sure to choose a moisturizer that best suits your needs, but know there are no wrong choices. According to Harvard Health Publishing (HHP), ". . . you really can't go very wrong with what moisturizer you choose. Almost all the moisturizers on the market will help with dry skin." [2] So pick whatever you like! You can try Remedial Pax Day & Night Collagen Moisturizer; it is packed with peptides and vitamins and works for your face and body

Use Moisturizer Twice a Day

Remember to Exfoliate

Smooth, youthful skin isn’t possible (or at least is much harder to achieve) without exfoliating regularly. All those wonderful and often expensive skincare products you like to use will not work to their full effect if they struggle to penetrate a layer of dead skin!

There are tons of gentle peels and scrubs on the market, so you shouldn’t have trouble finding something that suits you. But suppose you prefer all-natural anti-aging remedies and skin care. You can make your own homemade scrubs from the ingredients you likely already have in your home!

Please be cautious! If your skin feels especially sensitive or you have cracks or sores, we recommend you postpone using scrubs or peels; no need to unnecessarily aggravate your skin.


Eat Foods That Make You Look Younger

Fast food has taken over our lives. It’s cheap and much quicker than cooking a homemade meal, which is a godsend considering how hectic our lives get. Unfortunately, heavily processed foods often contain high fat, sugar, and sodium levels, which is a sure way to accelerate aging and start acquiring wrinkles.

Choosing foods that contain healthy fats and vitamins improves your complexion, supports overall health, and boosts immunity. Pick your favorite! Strawberries and blueberries are rich in vitamins A and C, which nourish your skin and give it a healthy glow. Dark chocolate famously contains antioxidants that protect your skin from free radicals. Almonds (especially almond oil) are known for their anti-inflammatory properties; they supply your body with unsaturated fatty acids, magnesium, zinc, and vitamin E.

We also highly recommend a Mediterranean diet if you consider a more extensive diet change. A 2021 research concluded, “MedDiet nowadays represents the best . . . nutritional strategy for obtaining a great combination of nutrients, antioxidants, and other beneficial molecules able to promote the healthy aging process.” [3] And who doesn’t want their lentil soup to not only taste great but also keep them young?


Consider Giving Up Smoking and Drinking

We can’t talk about skin care and aging and not mention bad habits. If drinking or smoking is something you choose to partake in, you don’t need us to tell you how harmful it is to your body. But consider this: few things age you as quickly as excessive alcohol consumption and cigarette smoke.

Alcohol is notorious for dehydrating you, making your complexion dull and gray, and giving you puffy eyes — all those things do not make you look younger or healthier. Smoking, too, is an effective way to ensure aging is something you’ll have to start worrying about way earlier than you should. Have you heard of “smoker’s lips”? Many people who indulge in this habit get recognizable vertical wrinkles around their mouths that instantly add five to ten years to their appearance.

If quitting is not in the cards, taking small steps here and there to help your skin retain its youthful appearance may help. On a night out, consider lighter drinks with less alcohol, and don’t forget to drink enough water in between those drinks. When you’re back home, take extra care to remove your makeup and follow through all the steps of your beauty routine before going to bed.



Drink More Water (Soda Does Not Count)

If you want to know how to look younger naturally, there’s no more natural anti-aging remedy than drinking enough water. Water is the reason our skin cells get the necessary hydration to maintain elasticity.

Drinking several glasses of water throughout the day is a habit every person would benefit from. And no, sugary drinks do not count as water. If you find yourself reaching for a soda whenever you’re feeling thirsty, consider getting a reusable water bottle you could go for instead. They come in various fun shapes and colors; find the one you like and always keep it on your desk!

Here’s your anti-aging hack of the day: try drinking eight glasses of water daily to give your body the boost it needs to help prevent dehydration-related issues like dry skin and dull complexion.

no more natural anti-aging remedy than drinking enough water

Give Physical Exercise a Try

Nothing helps maintain a youthful appearance quite like keeping active! Aside from the obvious benefits, regular exercise has been shown to improve mood and help battle anxiety and stress. So consider putting on your favorite pair of joggers and having a short run! But remember to start slow ; if you’re new to exercising, you might want to start with a brisk walk around the block and then slowly graduate to running.

Among the multitude of anti-aging secrets, exercise is the most rewarding. You build muscle, stay in shape, improve stamina, and keep your heart and lungs healthy. All with the bonus of looking good in photos!

A fitness girl

Get Enough Sleep

Speaking of things that make you look younger, how long has it been since you got a full night of sleep? Exhaustion and dark circles do not look flattering and definitely do not contribute to your youthful or healthy appearance. Trying to hide a tired look with makeup only goes so far when we are trying to figure out how to look and feel young.

If you’re one of those people used to functioning on only 5–6 hours of sleep, you’re missing out on so many benefits of a full night of rest! Sleeping 8–9 hours every night helps reduce stress , supports your immune system, makes it easier to maintain a healthy weight, restores energy, and improves your complexion. If we factor in long-term benefits like keeping your mind sharp and lowering the risk of cardiovascular disease, it leaves no room for doubt just how important sleep is for staying young longer.

Try it and see results for yourself; there’s a reason it’s called beauty sleep!


Deal With Eye Wrinkles

Crow’s feet and laugh lines constantly on your mind? Both are natural parts of the aging process and are nothing to be ashamed of. However, if the small wrinkles in the corners of your eyes bother you, we have a solution. 

You only need to remember these three things to make your face look younger :

  • Use a moisturizer on your under-eye area every day
  • Choose an eye cream that best suits your needs (you can try Remedial Pax Eye Cream)
  • Be gentle; pat your eye cream with your ring finger instead of rubbing it in

Our face, neck, and hands are where we first start noticing aging skin, and the thin skin around the eyes is famous for forming fine lines earlier than we would’ve liked. But with consistent care, you can look ten years younger naturally without the help of plastic surgery or other cosmetic procedures.

A_ beautiful_ woman_with_eye_wrinkles

Learn to Manage Stress Levels

Stressful events are an inescapable part of our lives. Meeting a tight deadline at work, paying bills on time, and even deciding what to wear to a date can cause you to worry, and that’s not necessarily bad in and of itself. However, chronic stress and anxiety can age you considerably in a short time.

A beautiful girl feeling anxiety

Stress affects many parts of your body but is especially unforgiving on your hair and skin. American Academy of Dermatology (AAD) concluded, “Stress can have a large impact on how our skin ages . . . (stress hormones) interfere with rejuvenation, which can speed up the aging process, causing more fine lines and wrinkles.” [4]

Finding ways to re-center yourself is how you retain your youth and health. Try to make time for the things you enjoy and spend time with the people you care about. Find a hobby that relaxes you and lets you recharge your inner batteries, like reading, yoga, or hiking!

TL;DR How to Look Young Forever

Small changes to your lifestyle and routine make all the difference between premature aging and still looking young in your 50s. Moisturize regularly, give up unhealthy habits, protect your skin from the sun, drink lots of water, make smart food choices, get enough sleep, care for your body and mind, and don’t slack on exercising. Follow this simple advice, and get ready to drown in compliments about your youthful appearance!


How do I stop aging?

As much as we wish we could stop the clock completely, the closest we can get is to slow down aging considerably. The secret formula is this: eat healthy food, care for your body and mind, and stay active, and you will stay looking youthful for years to come.

What are the best natural anti-aging tips?

Smart lifestyle choices and appropriate skin care are your best bet. Get enough sleep and exercise on top of that, and you’ll see improvement in your appearance in no time!

How to get rid of premature wrinkles?

Remember to drink enough water, use sunscreen whenever you venture outside, eat a balanced diet, and pick skincare products that contain ingredients that battle signs of aging, like retinol and peptides.

What are the causes of aging?

Sometimes premature aging is genetic, but it can also depend on your stress levels, dietary and lifestyle choices, bad habits, and sleep schedule.


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Please be aware that this article has been created for informational purposes only and does not substitute professional medical care. We encourage you to consult with your dermatologist for personalized skincare guidance.

Article by Lizaveta Nekrashevich
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