Nature of Retinol: how it works

Nature of Retinol: how it works

We got used to think that all ingredients in beauty products perform only one particular function: some moisturize, others relieve irritation, and others contribute to renewal. But this rule does not apply to retinol — it masterfully copes with almost any problem, if you find the right approach to it. Rejuvenating effect, reducing the relief of pores, fighting rashes, lightening pigmentation, stimulating renewal, increasing elasticity.

Natural sources of retinol

Natural retinol plays a crucial role in the development of skin cells and bone tissue. It’s really important to keep in mind where we can find it and feed our skin with it to stay flawless, young, and shining. Now the whole world is about to be mad about natural products, “no plastic” policy, eco-friendly lifestyle, people maintain it in all spheres of their lives, and skin care is not an exception. We are looking for natural sources of retinol, collagen, and vitamins. Let’s see what natural retinol is and where we can find it.

Retinol is a form of vitamin A, but it’s not the same thing. Retinol is not vitamin A in its manifestation, but just one of the forms characterized by high bioavailability. Retinol molecules are very small, so they can penetrate into the deep layers of the epidermis, influence the skin from the inside and improve it. Natural retinol and retinoids can be found in our daily food. Fish oil, eggs, butter, milk, beef liver are major sources of retinol.

The best retinol serum is pure retinol considered to be the most effective — it has stability and the highest bioavailability, the skin actively passes it inside. It quickly turns into retinoic acid, which is able to penetrate deep into the epidermis — where other forms of retinol simply cannot reach. Such a form is used in natural retinol cream.

If you can’t use retinol due to some issues, you can use a natural alternative to retinol – bakuchiol. Bakuchiol is obtained from the leaves and seeds of the psoralea hazelwood plant. It’s the best substitution. Note, that clean retinol brings results faster and it’s more effective.


benefits of retinol cream

Vitamin A in our diet

The versatility and beneficial properties of vitamin A have made it one of the most famous and most sought-after vitamins.

Where to find it?

The easiest way to get vitamins is foods with vitamin A. Most often, vitamin A is found in foods in the form of provitamins – compounds that are activated after ingestion. They enter the body with plant foods and have a yellow, orange or red color. You can find it in carrots, pumpkin, spinach, broccoli, salmon, beef, red pepper, and melon. Let’s check vitamin A benefits:

Restoring the skin and slowing down its aging process.

Formation of the bone system, ensuring the strength and strength of teeth.

Helping the body to produce sebum that maintains the moisture level in the hair.

Yes, it has a lot of benefits, but mind vitamin A daily dose and using vitamin A in skin care. Most often, an excess is observed in people who have tried to compensate for the lack of vitamin with the help of pharmacy analogues. In this case, you can come to hypervitaminosis very quickly, since retinol from medicines is absorbed much faster than organic. We need to know how much Vitamin A per day for a woman. For the internal systems you can eat food with it, at least one product per day. Speaking about beauty products, Remedial retinol cream already contains the necessary dose of vitamins, apply it every day without fear of over usage.

Skin rejuvenation

Since the dawn of time, people have been looking for the unique elixir of life, the way to extend lifetime and stay young as long as possible. Nobody can say how to stay young and flawless forever, but people found out how to prolong skin youth.

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Cell production

Cell production plays one of the most important roles in skin rejuvenation treatment. Retinol is a significant cell core product. Retinol serum is the philosopher’s stone if you want to know how to rejuvenate skin. Retinol is famous not only for its rejuvenating properties, but also for a number of other valuable therapeutic effects. Its effect is comparable to the effect of medical drugs. People from time to time use laser skin rejuvenation, from one side, it’s fast, from another side, it can cause even more damage than you had before. While retinol serum is more safe and effective to the same degree. Using it correctly, you’ll get the key to cell production.

Core elements of retinol in skin rejuvenation

Retinol has several stages, key elements of retinol skin: Retinol > Retinaldehyde > Tretinoin. The last one is the strongest, be careful with its dose, better to consult a dermatologist. Remedial retinol products have best retinol serum with a perfect percentage of it, that can suit any type of skin and brings anti-aging effect.

Retinol in cosmetology

Retinol and its elements are widely used in the modern beauty sphere. Let’s check what we have now.

Best tools with retinol

Today, manufacturers offer quite a lot of such products – as a key component, they always contain an active substance in the name of which the root "retin" appears. Skin care cosmetics with retinol are everywhere, we have the same question “How to choose best retinol cream?”. Know your skin type and allergies, what effect you want to get. If you want to have your skin younger, buy Remedial cream with anti aging serum. Remember to buy tested products. Remedial retinol products are approved, so you will never lose if you choose and buy Remedial!

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