How to find a good retinol cream: what should be taken into account

How to find a good retinol cream: what should be taken into account

Retinol cream: find yours

Humanity has been dreaming of preserving youth and prolonging life throughout its history. People are unique in their preferences, and from this point of view it seems absurd to talk about the ideal figure, the most attractive hair color or "optimal" growth. Nevertheless, the illusory idea of how a beautiful woman should look has always been present, in absolutely any era. But there are essential elements: clean and young skin.

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      Retinol cream. Workflow

      Until the V century AD, in ancient culture, huge, almost primary attention was paid to appearance: it was believed that a beautiful woman was by definition intelligent and educated. Therefore, many girls sought to match this image and cause admiration from the opposite sex.

      According to the ancient Greeks, a woman had to have wide hips, plump lips and pale and clean skin.

      Today, having clean skin is far easier than it used to be. Now we have different beauty tools that help us to improve our appearance. The most usable and safe product is retinol cream. The retinol cream ingredients can be different. Retinol, in turn, is better combined with moisturizing formulas based on glycerin, hyaluronic acid and niacinamide.

      Another thing you need to know is retinol concentration. The best percentage of natural retinol is 0.01–2% in creams, but all skin types react to Vitamin A in different ways. If the skin is thin and sensitive, it is better to start with a concentration not higher than 0.025%. If it is oily — with 0.5% (retinol serum will dry and slightly "slow down" the work of the sebaceous glands).

      Here one more question comes: What is retinol cream used for? There are three main points:

      • Accelerates skin rejuvenation (problem: wrinkles, hyperpigmentation)
      • Regulates the sebaceous glands (problem: acne)
      • Increases skin firmness and elasticity (problem: wrinkles, dryness)


      cream and woman

      Retinol is an amazing separate universe that can help you to solve skin problems without surgery invasion, to recover your skin and bring its youth again. The experts of Remedial have created a perfect formula for Retinol Cream with collagen that will improve your skin without any harm, try it and you’ll be impressed by the results.

      Daily usage

      There are many opinions on this account. Somebody says it’s OK to use it everyday, somebody says you should use it not more than twice a week. Who should we believe? There are several factors that can help us to make the right decision. The question is: should retinol be used daily?


      • participates in the synthesis and renewal of skin cells,
      • stimulates the production of collagen and helps to reduce wrinkles 2,
      • helps to preserve moisture in the skin, softens it,
      • normalizes the production of sebum (sebum),
      • regulates skin pigmentation,
      • helps in the treatment of inflammatory processes (including acne), has a healing effect

      To get these effects after retinol usage, you need to take into consideration several points:

      • Have you ever used retinol before?
      • Can your skin accept retinol daily?
      • Is your skin sensitive?
      • Do you get Vitamin A from other sources?

      Let’s check other sides of retinol.


      If it’s your first time of retinol usage then do not use it every day, because, most likely, severe irritation will appear. At first, it is better to apply it two or three times a week, at night. And gradually increase the frequency to once a day. It can take a couple of months to adapt, and that's fine.

      After two or three weeks, the skin cells adapt to retinol serum. If the discomfort is prolonged and the redness is severe, then use a retinol cream once a week or switch to a weaker concentration.

      Long-term usage of retinol serum. For intensive exposure, drugs with retinol in a low concentration can be used in daily care for 2 months, after which maintenance therapy is carried out 2-3 times a week. To care for normal skin, they should be used no more than 3 times a week. Be careful with retinol if you have hypervitaminosis A; cirrhosis of the liver; viral hepatitis; thin and sensitive skin.

      As you see, retinol is both effective and dangerous. But modern manufacturers have learned how to create formulas taking into account the difficult nature of retinol and make the most of its abilities without negative consequences. Usually, formulas with retinol include soothing and moisturizing components to prevent skin irritation. And now retinol cream can be used even for sensitive skin, because they use the most effective and safe dose of retinol in the cream. For example, Remedial Retinol Cream for the face has a formula that allows you to use it day and night, it has 5% hyaluronic acid, and collagen that will help you to restore your skin. The only thing you need to do is to buy and try.


      Switch to the body

      We all know that retinol is used for the face products to lift and renew the skin. But how about other parts of the body? Our skin requires improvements everywhere, some parts need it more, some - less.

      Retinol integration

      Before using retinol we need to know several points.

      Form. Cream or gel? Depends on the type of epidermis. Prone to inflammation, the skin will rejoice in the gel. A dry and normal type of cream is suitable. Bottles with a dispenser and tubes are best protected from the decay of retinol.

      Frequency. During the first two weeks, apply retinol every two to three days. If the "flight" goes well, apply it every other day and, finally, every day. However, if you use it too rarely (once a week), the skin will not be able to adapt, the irritation will not go away and there will be no positive result.

      Time. At first, it is better to apply a new remedy before going to bed. Then you can switch to the morning mode, without forgetting about the cream with an SPF of at least 30. If you apply retinol to wet skin, the risk of irritation increases: wait 20-30 minutes after washing. As soon as the skin gets used to it, this rule can be ignored.

      Seasons to use retinol. Modern retinoids increase the sensitivity of the skin to the sun no more than a regular scrub does. Moreover, summer is the best time to get acquainted with retinol: humidity does not allow the skin to dry out and helps to adapt to the novelty. However, UV rays destroy vitamin A, so it is advisable to use such creams during the period of solar activity only in conjunction with sunscreen. Especially if your goal is to fight pigmentation spots.

      happy women

      Try to apply retinol to your neck and decolletage zone, integrate retinol slowly. You need to get the most visible effect and you want your skin to be fresh everywhere, so retinol use can give you this.

      Retinol helpers

      Retinol will work even more effectively if it is used with other beauty products. Like it was written above, retinol is vulnerable for sun rays. If you want to use it in summer, use SPF. You may ask: can you use hyaluronic acid with retinol? Yes, you can. Moreover hyaluronic acid helps to lessen the severity of retinol. Don’t forget about collagen, use it together with hyaluronic acid and retinol, and you’ll get the perfect effect of acne, wrinkles and rash disappearance.

      Right choice

      It’s always difficult to make the right choice, there are so many hesitations and dark sides. Let’s check several steps to make it right.

      Define your type of skin

      You may have oily, normal, dry, combination skin. Skin type plays a crucial role in choosing retinol cream. Visit a doctor who will help you to see if you have some allergy or other bad reaction to this or that product. Full medical check up gives you a ground to choose the best retinol product that will renew your skin.

      Buy best retinol products

      Remember to buy only tested and certificated products, because one mistake can cost a lot. Best retinol cream is a very ambiguous thing. What is good for others, can be damaging for you. That’s why pay attention to the formula, dose, instruction and side effects. If you don’t want to risk, then try a small dose of retinol and see if you like it. Remedial retinol cream has an absolutely safe composition that fits all types of skin. Buy Remedial retinol cream and stay in your safe zone.

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        Retinol Cream for Face Retinol Cream for Face
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