Extra helpers of retinol cream

Extra helpers of retinol cream

Improve your retinol skin care

Everything is improving in our lives: devices, services, people. We always need to stay updated in all spheres if we want to catch the tempo of the brand new world. All things require improvements and beauty products are no exceptions. Every day we see new innovations in cosmetology which say that they are the best and the most effective in your beauty routine. Are they all effective? Do we need new innovations? What should we do? There are so many questions that demand answers.

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    Retinol Cream for Face
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      Why do we need retinol?

      Nowadays retinol is a kind of panacea in the field of beauty. Why is retinol good for skin? The effectiveness of retinol in the fight against age-related skin changes and photoaging has been proven. Thanks to retinol, it is possible to see real changes: smoothing of both fine and superficial, and deeper wrinkles.

      Dermatologists recommend retinol because it has a stimulating effect on fibroblasts – connective tissue cells that provide the production of collagen, elastin and hyaluronic acid. You probably know that the elasticity and smoothness of our skin depends on them. Agree, these advantages of retinol would be enough to become a fan of this component forever. But the possibilities of retinol are not limited only to the anti-age effect!

      It deals with sensitivity and irritation of your skin. Retinol helps to successfully combat hyperpigmentation, evens out skin tone, accelerates the processes of exfoliation of the keratinized layer and activates cell renewal, helps restore moisture balance in the skin. In addition, retinol is actively used in the treatment of acne: it normalizes the sebaceous glands, has an anti-inflammatory effect, and allows you to visually narrow the pores. Retinol cream is a real fighter with acne, rash, and wrinkles. Check Remedial retinol cream for acne, it will balance your skincare regime and improve the skin conditions. Make the right choice, the choice that will recover your skin.

      retinol cream and hends

      What affects your skin condition?

      When something happens to our skin we tend to think about some visible factors like food or new beauty products, but we forget about the environment, which also has a great impact on our skin.

      Main factors to skin

      Pay attention to your environment. Seasons play an important role in your skin condition. Wintertime causes dry skin, so it’s extremely important to hydrate your skin in this period. Use creams, tonics, soft peeling tools to help your skin overcome winter.

      Dust and pollutants can damage your skin as well.Contamination of the body surface with dust leads to pustular diseases and eczema. Dust getting into the eyes causes an inflammatory process of the mucous membranes - conjunctivitis. The greatest danger to humans are dust particles up to 5 microns in size. They easily penetrate into the lungs and settle there, causing the growth of connective tissue, which is not able to transfer oxygen from the inhaled air to the hemoglobin of the blood and release carbon dioxide.

      Remember, there are damaging factors that we create ourselves. Let’s check what we have.

      "My mother said that my skin was the color of spring"

      We want to have perfect skin like princesses from fairy-tales. But we live in real life, and it’s not enough to be a good person and sing with animals to have an ideal appearance. We need much more.

      Firstly, lack of sleep. Although sleep is a passive, but very important part of our life — about a third of it we spend in a state of sleep and can not exist without it. Even short—term lack of sleep significantly worsens our well-being and appearance, and chronic deprivation - i.e. lack of sleep even in one or two hours for a long time and even serves as a risk factor for many mental and somatic problems.


      Lack of sleep effects: it affects the condition of the skin — its barrier function and moisture content deteriorates, sebum production and the size of skin pores increase, skin tone changes, collagen production is disrupted, etc. Moreover, such changes are observed even with lack of sleep in one or two days, although they are less pronounced in youth.

      Secondly, poor diet. We get all the "building material" for skin cells from vitamins, minerals and amino acids delivered with food. Therefore, the diet affects the work of the body, and it, in turn, affects the beauty and quality of the skin. If you carefully take care of the skin from the outside, but its condition worsens, it's definitely about nutrition.

      Сonsequences of a poor diet. Cosmetologists often use the terms "wine", "sugar", "gluten" and "milk" face. These types were identified by nutritionist and dermatologist Nygma Talib. It turns out that skin problems can be from intolerance to one of four foods: gluten, sugar, milk or wine.

      It is impossible to bring all people under certain criteria, but there are signs that will help determine which of these products does not suit you.

      Wine face.


      • Puffiness
      • A mesh of capillaries on the cheeks and nose
      • Redness
      • Noticeable wrinkles in the inner corners of the eyes
      • Nasolabial folds

      Sugar face.


      • Deep wrinkles on the forehead
      • Bags under the eyes
      • Tired look
      • Grey thin skin
      • Acne on the face and body

      Milk face.


      • Swollen eyelids
      • Bags and dark circles under the eyes
      • Sunken cheeks
      • Periodic pimples on the face
      • Pimples and blackheads on the chin

      Gluten-free face.


      Balance your diet, visit a doctor to be sure of what exactly is wrong with your diet and correct it.

      Thirdly, hormones. The most severe skin changes develop with an imbalance of steroid hormones in the body. These include sex hormones and glucocorticosteroids, which are synthesized in the adrenal glands, testes and ovaries. With excessive synthesis of this, excessive hair loss and acne are observed. To control inflammation and keep hormonal acne under control, use products with anti-inflammatory ingredients - oat extract, white and green tea, horse chestnut, licorice, bisabolol, ginkgo biloba, salicylic and glycolic acids, niacinamide.

      Help your skin

      In order to get the maximum effect that retinol cosmetics are capable of, it must be properly selected, competently integrated into the general care system and applied according to certain rules. Perfect skin, like unicorns, does not exist. Inflammation, stress rash, age-related changes, dryness and irritation, dullness - every representative of the fair sex faces these imperfections. And any problems require a comprehensive approach that allows you to get rid of them and get closer to perfection. There is no perfect skin, but there is a healthy one. And it is in your power to make it so.

      Best skin improvements

      Healthy lifestyle. A healthy lifestyle is the behavior that helps a person to maintain and strengthen health, to live a long, active and eventful life. This is your mental state. The hygienic regime of work and rest promotes a healthy lifestyle, but such harmful habits as smoking, alcohol and drug use interfere. Let’s look through a list of healthy lifestyle tips.

      Pay attention to your bad habits. Smokin is one of the crucial things in damaging your skin. Smoking leads to a violation of blood circulation, as a result – useful substances and oxygen do not arrive, the complexion deteriorates, acquiring a pale yellow hue. Yellowness of the skin. The yellow color of the skin of the face is caused by the same consequences of smoking as the color irregularity: vasoconstriction, circulatory disorders.

      What happens when you quit smoking. Fortunately, the human body is an amazing mechanism that always tries to get rid of everything superfluous and heal itself. Therefore, after 2-3 weeks after quitting smoking, you will notice significant changes in appearance, and after 6 weeks, the skin of the face and body will recover almost completely:

      • collagen and elastin fibers will stop being destroyed, and therefore the skin surface will become much softer and firmer;
      • the sickly pale, yellowish or gray complexion will disappear — rosy cheeks and a natural even tone will be waiting for you in the mirror;
      • cellulite on the thighs and buttocks will become almost invisible;
      • you will forget about constant irritations and pimples;
      • fine wrinkles will almost completely smooth out, and large ones will become less noticeable.

      Follow your skin desires

      Listening to your skin and watching its changes can visibly improve your daily skincare routine. Know the type of your skin, its peculiarities, pay attention to its reaction to this or that beauty products, and you’ll easily find the best way to treat your skin. Healthy lifestyle, healthy diet, quit smoking and you’ll see the changes for the best so soon.

      The tips are so easy, but it’s so difficult to follow them in our modern tempo of life. We strive for self-development, independence, financial security, but we forget that our organism and health are the key players in this game of life. You don’t need to feel sorry for yourself, you just need to understand what you really want and how you can achieve it.


      Clean skin is the bets clothes

      Perfect facial skin is a dream of many people. Moisturized, smooth, dense, elastic, with a good color — these are the signs of perfect skin from Chizu Saeki, a cosmetologist and author of the famous book "The Japanese revolution in skin care". To make the skin of the face clean and smooth, you can also combine cosmetics and devices for home care.

      Retinol cream: make your skin shine

      As it was mentioned retinol is the natural form of Vitamin A, which we have in easily accessible form with simple application to improve skincare. Our daily skincare routine is like clay, we can create whatever we want to get the desirable effect. The only note, you should know what you want to create to make it right. Let’s check skincare products to improve texture.

      What texture is suitable for dry and very dry skin?

      Does your skin peel off and you experience a feeling of tightness? This means that the protective barrier of the skin is weakened, and it experiences discomfort and peeling, which leads to its dehydration.

      Pay attention to greasier textures or oils that will provide your skin with enhanced nutrition. Dry skin needs comfort, which can only be provided by dense textures that will soften and relieve the skin of a feeling of tightness. Cold creams and cosmetic ointments are also ideal for dry skin, because their thick and semi-occlusive compositions have the ability to saturate the skin with lipids.

      What products are suitable for mixed and oily skin types?

      During the day, your skin begins to shine in the T zone. Excessive sebum production is caused by various factors, such as environmental pollution, smoking or heredity.

      Pay attention to the light and watery textures that do not leave a greasy film on the skin and easily penetrate into its layers. Oily skin requires liquid moisturizing and matting textures. Fluid is an ideal remedy if you have encountered these problems. Highly concentrated with active substances, it will take care of your skin, give it hydration, while leaving a feeling of lightness and a non-greasy coating. Various gels also moisturize oily and mixed skin without clogging it.

      What texture is suitable for sensitive skin?

      This type of skin is susceptible, prone to redness and a feeling of tightness. This skin reacts to all changes in temperature, cold, wind, as well as to the manifestation of emotions, such as stress.

      Choose a light texture if you have a mixed skin type, and if the skin is dry, then a more nutritious texture without fragrance will suit you! Give preference to caring products that contain soothing active substances.

      What texture is suitable for normal skin that is not prone to imperfections?

      If your skin does not cause you any special problems, then you can opt for any texture that you want, but do not forget to moisturize the skin well. You can also use creams that will give the skin a glow, thanks to active ingredients such as vitamin C, to "highlight" the skin from the inside and show your Glow*.

      You deserve glowing, flawless skin

      Retinol can deal with all the types mentioned above. This is why all dermatologists and cosmetologists love it so much. It has an easy application and has no damage in the composition of Remedial retinol face cream, serum and pads.

      How to choose the best retinol cream? It’s easy, read the composition, pay attention to the dose of retinol, as a rule, it does not exceed 0.01–2% in creams, but all skin types react to vitamin A in different ways. If the skin is thin and sensitive, it is better to start with a concentration not higher than 0.025%. If fat — with 0.5 %.

      Remedial retinol products can fit any type of skin and will bring you the effect you want. You have no risk choosing Remedial. Choose, click, and byu retinol cream, serum or pads and you’ll see that your choice is right for you.

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